Missionary Church Developers

Missionary church developers help churches, pastors, and districts develop and disciple leaders, meet goals to revitalize and plant churches, and minister to people of specific demographics. This diverse group of missionaries may be assigned to a particular location or serve broadly across districts and from church to church.

Missionary church developers:

• Train and develop pastors and future leaders. Missionary developers work alongside pastors, missionaries, and other believers to help them reach their potential through one-on-one relationships, seminars, specialized resources, and formal training programs.

• Partner with churches to strengthen their ability to reach their communities for Christ. Developers work with districts, pastors, church boards, and congregations to increase the vitality of the church and plant new churches in systematic and successful ways.

• Partner with churches to reach people in specific demographics. Developers can be experts in ministries to children, single mothers, people in the second-half of life, residents of rural and urban communities, and more.

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