Missionaries to Children

U.S. missionaries to children are passionate about spreading the Gospel to kids. They have outstanding skills and significant experience. These missionaries equip others to minister to children across the United States.

Children’s Missionaries:

• Partner with churches to establish effective and long term children’s ministry programs. They help churches ramp up their children’s church, Sunday school, after-school programs, and outreach ministries.

• Train pastors, local church workers, and children to minister to kids through curriculum development, seminars, one-on-one relationships, and internships. Missionaries work cross-culturally in adapting curriculum and methods to specific settings.

• Partner with district camp programs and other children’s events in conjunction with their ministry to train and raise up children’s leaders. Missionaries host evangelistic events and bring teams on site to train with puppets, clowning, skits, worship, and other aspects of children’s outreach.

• Minister to at-risk children and youth in multiple settings. They invest in long-term relationships with children and other partnering organizations to help kids reach their full God-given potential.

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