why coaching?

Coaching is an effort to provide each missionary with the support and tools he/she needs to fulfill God’s mission in his/her field. The Missionary Church Planters and Developers Department (MCPD) is making coaching available to missionaries and their spouses at little or no cost for the purpose of personal advancement, family encouragement, ministry fulfillment, and so that no missionary ever has to feel like they are standing alone.

what is coaching?

Coaching is a developed skill set that moves the person being coached (PBC) in personal and professional life from current reality to desired outcome through a spirit-led intentional partnership. (AG Coaching) MCPD coaching is personal, confidential, and transformational.

A coach will facilitate the PBC to think, to pray, to stretch oneself, to take responsibility, and to get done what needs to be accomplished. A coach does not tell a PBC what to do, but will ask questions to help discover God’s plan, create action steps to walk it out, and provide opportunities for personal accountability for the journey.

Who are our coaches?

We have professionally trained and certified coaches who believe in people.  Our coaches have a missions background and understand the complexities of a missionary life.  Most of our coaches are current missionaries working in their own fields but also have a heart to invest in leaders and what God is doing across this country.

Our current MCPD Coaches

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis

    Coaching Focus:
    Renewals, fundraising, transitions, missionary candidates, and leadership development.

  • Rachel Ware
    Rachel Ware

    Coaching Focus:
    Transitions, renewals, fundraising, teams, candidates, and projects.

  • Tim Ware
    Tim Ware

    Coaching Focus:
    Transitions, Projects, Teams, and Church Development.

How Does MCPD Coaching Work?

1. Prayerfully select a coach from our MCPD Coaches list. Send them an email to see if they are available in this season. If you have any difficulty connecting with a coach, contact our departmental Coaching Facilitator, Tom Davis, at tomjdavisak@gmail.com.

2. The coach will get back with you concerning a time to get together.

3. You will need to think about how often you would like to coach (i.e. monthly, every two weeks, weekly) and what initial season of time you will commit to participate in coaching before reassessing (i.e. three months, six months).

4. The coach will send you a Coaching Agreement and may also send some advance questions concerning what you would like to work on and to learn more about you.

5. Most coaching takes place via phone or internet and usually lasts an hour.

6. In a coaching session you will usually review progress on any actions steps from a previous coaching conversation, and then the coach will ask you about what you want to work on and the conversation will begin to help you work out concrete steps towards accomplishing that goal.

7. Coaching topics can include any area of personal, family, or ministry life that will help you advance.

How Can I Become A Coach?

We are always interested in helping people develop and expand their ministry skills.  If you are interested in learning about coaching or finding out about the process to become a MCPD coach, then please contact our departmental Coaching Facilitator, Tom Davis, at tomjdavisak@gmail.com.