your unique
vision for ministry
has a place at MCPD

No matter how big or unique your vision, Missionary Church Planters and Developers wants to assist you in fulfilling the Great Commission. We help equip you with the essential gear and reliable guides you need to transform your vision into an adventure that changes lives.

There are a variety of ways you can serve with MCPD that fit your commitment level:

01/appointed missionary

An Appointed U.S. Missionary with MCPD U.S. Missions is a lead missionary of a Rural, Urban, Planting, Development or Child Development Ministry. Missionaries are adventurers for Christ, planting or strengthening churches in the United States.

02/missionary associates

Missionary Associates work with a supervising missionary or pastor to assist or lead various aspects of ministry. MAs can also serve as self-funded staff for multi-site churches. Learn more.


Interns earn valuable career experience by working with select MCPD Missionaries who can work with your schools or organizations internship qualifications. Learn more.

term trips

Short-Term Trips offer a meaningful experience serving and exploring the United States with MCPD missionaries. Learn more.

Ready to begin your adventure in service?