Reaching the city of Boston through professionals living out the gospel in community.


Why Boston?

Boston is the number two post-Christian city in the U.S.* It is a city of influence, a cultural, economic, academic, and political leader. With almost 700,000 people calling Boston home, this city desperately needs followers of Christ to live and work and show the love of Christ in their everyday lives.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for Christians who are willing to uproot their lives and dwell in Boston. Men, women, and families who are committed to influencing the culture in Boston neighborhoods like Fenway, Allston, and Brighton. We are looking for people who will start a job in the community and serve their neighborhood. This is living incarnationally, showing your neighbors who Jesus is in your everyday life.

We are committed to building communities of faith in targeted Boston neighborhoods. Team members will move near one another, get jobs, establish roots, and build friendships. If a community lacks resources or support, we want to be the resource or support they need.

What kind of training and support will I receive?

Veteran U.S. missionary and urban church planter, Dave McNaughton, will lead

Dwell: Boston and help equip you for living a missional lifestyle.

Meet Dave McNaughton

Dave and his wife, Keena, have been U.S. missionaries for 14 years with church planting experience before becoming missionaries. They planted two churches in the Boston area and currently pastor the second. Dave also trains and mentors church planters across the United States. Both Dave and Keena have backgrounds in business.

Team members will also be partnered with professional mentors who will help you identify strategic ways to best serve the community using your God-given gifts and talents. This could include business advice or other training.

When can I come?

As soon as possible! We are interviewing teammates to relocate in Fall 2019, 2020 and 2021. If you are in college, we would love to have you join our team after you graduate!