What is Dwell30?

Dwell30 will place teams of Christians in forgotten and difficult places, not for a short-term project but to be agents of Jesus Christ to bring lasting change.

This is an opportunity to change the perception of missions in the United States. Decaying urban neighborhoods, a changing rural landscape, and transitioning communities all tell us it is time for a renewed approach.

Team members will share the gospel while serving and showing the love of Christ. They will build relationships and be true neighbors—improving properties, working local jobs, and volunteering in schools.  

Where will you find Dwell 30?

Urban neighborhoods that have lost hope, lack resources, and are dealing with crime and violence.

Small towns and rural communities where jobs are scarce, families are destroyed by substance abuse, and schools struggle on small budgets.

Cities with a large population of non-Christian religions, or those where Christianity is considered irrelevant.

We need partners to help take Dwell 30 from concept to reality!


Financial partners: Your financial gift will help lay the foundation for Dwell30 through community partnerships, staffing needs, and team placement expenses. You can give in several ways: 

•  A one-time or periodic gift by check to Missionary Church Planters & Developers, or securely online at giving.ag.org. Designate Account #746729 on the check or “MCPD Advancement” in the search box.

•  A monthly recurring gift, either by check or at giving.ag.org.

•  A legacy gift through a will, trust, or other means to reflect the donor’s wishes. See the U.S. Missions Donor Guide or contact us for more information.

Entrepreneurial mentors: As team members prepare to enter a community, they need mentors experienced in business, education, property renovation, and nonprofit management. Investing in the target communities through businesses and services helps in several ways:

•  Small businesses boost the local economy by providing jobs, including training opportunities for youth.

•   Job skills training can help those in the community learn a trade and find a stable career.

•  After school programs help children develop their own skills and interests.

•  Coffee shops, bakeries, or delis become a community hub for conversation and relationships.  

•  Renovated properties provide housing options at mixed income levels to attract a variety of future residents. 

•  Businesses and established nonprofit organizations increase access to resources for underserved communities, such as healthy food, improved childcare services, or better transportation. 

Team Members: Dwell30 is looking for team members to live in the communities where they serve.  Is God calling you to dwell in a difficult place in America to make disciples?

Ready to learn more or get involved?

Email: Dwell30@ag.org

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