Ministry Outfitters since 1937


As a department of the Assemblies of God division of U.S. Missions, Missionary Church Planters and Developers equips and supports visionary men and women who see the overlooked and unexplored ministry regions in America.

MCPD missionaries venture everywhere from the most remote rural communities living in poverty to the highly secular and diverse urban core.

Missionary Church Planters establish new churches in places and among people often overlooked by the church at large. Poverty, violence, wealth, or secularism don’t deter these missionaries. Using culturally appropriate methods, they minister to people from all walks of life.

Missionary Developers strengthen churches that already exist with their specialized knowledge and abilities. Developers help the local church look at their communities in fresh ways. They provide training to develop leaders and maximize discipleship.

“Our partnership with U.S. missions has further equipped us to fulfill the vision God has given our church. It is an adventure to serve alongside and supply our missionaries while we live out the Great Commission.”

– MCPD Supporter, Pastor Ted Cederblom

MCPD fields an impressive diversity of missionaries. Many of them represent a unique expression of missionary service. Some include:

  • The world missionary who discovered the people group they are called to reach has migrated to the U.S. in large numbers

  • The long-time pastor who builds churches in retirement villages

  • The former pastor who helps resource and encourage struggling rural pastors

  • The experienced children’s pastor who is empowering a new generation of youth to reach children outside the church

  • The professional coach who freely helps pastors increase their churches’ outreach capacity

  • The former addict who is building a network of churches in urban centers

  • The single mom who transforms her difficult journey into a nation-wide mission to help others in a similar situation

  • The recent college grad who wants to plant house churches

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Missionary Church Planters and Developers outfit their missionaries with the essential gear and reliable guides they need to change lives. Specifically, MCPD:

  • Networks with Assemblies of God District leaders to identify U.S. Missionaries

  • Provides services to missionaries such as pastoral care, coaching and in-service training

  • Brings missionaries together to share resources, evaluate needs and combine efforts to strengthen and broaden ministry influence

  • Connects missionaries with Assemblies of God pastors and churches to help in their efforts to reach their communities for Christ

  • Helps missionaries communicate their vision and services to partners who would support them through financial giving and/or prayer

  • Provides guidance to those exploring the possibilities of missionary service


Most of our missionaries operate within one of five general categories. While each ministry is unique and many of our missionaries serve in two or three of these areas, these groupings help our personnel identify and connect with others who do similar work or who can offer resources to the work they are doing.



Rural missionaries plant rural churches or partner with rural pastors and churches to provide resources, training, and encouragement.



    Urban missionaries plant churches and ministries that proclaim the gospel within the urban, multi-cultural context of major U.S. cities.



      Missionary Church Planters plant multiple or networks of churches, cross-cultural churches, or churches among the poor or highly secular.



        Missionary Church Developers have proven gifts and skills that help districts, churches, pastors, and individuals fulfill the Great Commission.



          Children’s missionaries assist districts, church plants, and existing churches in establishing effective, evangelistic children’s ministries.